Have you ever wondered about the steps that go into an MCC Pop!? Here’s a look at a few of the steps that went into making Squirrel Girl & Tippey-Toe! www.



  1. Would love to see a full extensive look on how you guys create a funko pop :). This is pretty cool though! How long is the entire process when it comes to creating a pop? Designing, Modeling, Molding, etc.

  2. I'm not a fan of this character and my box took forever to arrive. People in the UK for their boxes before I did in NYC. That's not cool when you do UNBOXING videos and by the time you do it, no one wants to watch because it's 2 weeks late.

  3. You guys suck, why ohh why are you guys the spokes people for Funko? My dog could do a better job than you guys. Plus there are many other YouTubers out there that do a waaayyy better job than you guys do. Please for the love of humanity stop trying to produce videos that are awful.


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