WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Yoko & Cameron dive into the November Legion of Collectors box, Batman Villains! http://www.legionofcollectors.com.



  1. Due to a financial crunch, I unsubscribed before this month's shipment. Glad I did.The hat is drab and probably would not fit me anyway. The Two-Face Dorb and the Classic Catwoman are good but don't make the box worth the price. I have better mug that I got at f.y.e with Batman 50s comic frames. Legacy Box for January might be worth the bucks. Will order after it is released if it's good.

  2. Love the hat, and the mug, I guess that is not a popular opinion though. Nevertheless, loved this box really, I really liked this one better than the September box. The only complaint I can think of right now is that there wasn't enough variety in characters. I feel like there should be only one item for each character, and coming from someone who absolutely loves Joker, I was disappointed that there were two items with the Joker on it. The mug could have easily been the penguin. I think in future boxes you should work on your variety a bit more. But I am still subscribed and I look forward to the next box I get!! (Side note, if the creators of the box see this, maybe think about introducing a Disney subscription box, I have been wanting that ever since I subscribed to this one!!) 🙂

  3. I don't think you could make a box that is any more un-original except if the pop was another joker or impopster Batman. It is sad that with the plethora of Batman villains that you pick that as the pop. On top of that you put everything in this box that everyone complains about. A very disappointing box.

  4. I gotta ask. Who decided Catwoman should be the Pop? Dozens of villains to choose from that have yet to be made into a Pop that we all want. That made me super excited for this box. But we get our 4th Catwoman Pop. Joy.

  5. I love Funko so much, but this box was just terrible. The pop top and mug is something that I do not want and was ridiculous. I also think that most people would agree with me. This was one of the worst boxes ever.

  6. For the most part I enjoyed the content of this box, but I had two issues one major and minor. The major issue I have is the poor design of the Catwomen pop, she does not stand on her own. The minor issues was why a hat and a mug with both Joker? As many people state in their comments here, there are so many other Batman villains. Funko we are DC fans or we would not be buying these boxes, so we know it's "full" universe.

  7. Not crazy about the dorbz (is anyone?) and the hats look silly. I thought the mug was pretty cute though. Not a great range of villains. Two joker items and two riddler items? Hoping to see better variety and the return of t-shirts in the next box.

  8. Really bad box, I honestly was awaiting for a bane or clayface etc. Cmom they're many batman villains you can do but no, FYI get rid of Yoko, no offense but she looks so lost in her knowledge of comics and star wars

  9. this was one of their best ones, not some stupid action figures…. a nice bane patch, riddler pin, amazing Catwoman Figure, a unique mug and a quality hat. Still waiting for a killer croc/bane/ mr freeze item not a patch or some crap, like something cool

  10. I love this sub box. my only wish is that they'd stop sending mugs. I wish they'd send a second pop instead. it would be cheaper on shipping considering its quarter of the weight. And I guarantee you subscribers would like it more.


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