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  1. Hey Tristan I started collecting pops before I found your channel but stopped collecting for a little while but got back into it once I found your channel because at EB games they had a buy 2 get 2 free sale so I got star lord tony stark Peter Parker and hela unmasked being a marvel fan also keep up the great videos and I hope I win the giveaway

  2. I joined Gemr because my Cuphead set is almost complete! I just need the chases, Legendary Chalice, and Mugman! (I do have Cagney Carnation). I am praying, crossing my legs and fingers, grabbing every good luck charm I can get, and wishing upon a star that I win that Cuphead chase! (By the way I love your videos!)

  3. That joker batman pop i got in. A loot crate when. I told mtself i wouldnt get any pops but. I loved the desighn and i curently have 187 pops otherewise kutgw keep up the good work

  4. Hey, i loved all your collections and new concept. I was also wondering, maybe you could put every pop categories in their own self like your badman ones. Example: Disney together, Marvels together, etc.

  5. I’ll mention the next awesome sales I find. Walmart had an awesome sale on rollbacks a few days ago. A lot of their exclusives were $2.98 and they had the Howard the Duck 6” for $4.40 for like 5 minutes until it sold out. Got some vinyl 2 packs for $2.98 and a Grinch Dorbz ride for $2.98 as well. I check their site daily now.

  6. Im just a kid who likes to collect collectables but……subcribe, watch…buy my merchandise….invest in my business ..wait…im just a kid who likes to collect…remember????


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