This is the first of many stories I have from collecting Funko pops over the years. Hope you enjoy! Instagram: Twitter:…



  1. Zoo hate but like you originally spelt accident wrong and then you spelt travelled wrong and only changed one……
    But I love your videos no matter what the title I love pops and I want your pop vinyls

  2. collecting plastic crap what a fucking existence to behold. you are the ultimate consumer, no different than a larva feasting on the regurgitation of its mother. except you are fed by a festering coagulation of the runoff that pop culture produces. maybe one day all of your plastic toys will melt into a abominable puddle of plastic and fumes during a house fire which will wake up from your fever dream of a life. bro.

  3. I think its so greedy to take 10 pops of the same character just to resell them for a higher price. that takes all the fun away from collecting rares and makes some pops unavailable for others or especially children that dont have the money to buy them for a manipulated price


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