Here’s a closer look at our NYCC Game of Thrones exclusives! Check out our blog for more info,



  1. lmao. I don't get what people are upset about… it's not like they're NOT going to announce any Star Wars, Marvel, DC…. PATIENCE, friends. Besides, these don't release til OCTOBER. So we've got a long list of announcements to go…

  2. Funky if you read these please please send more HP and Fantastic Beast Pops to stores I am new to Funko HP/FB and I want more but my stores have dried up!!! PLEASE SEND MORE TO STORES IN THE MIDWEST!!!!

  3. I know it's late for some of these characters, but can you guys please make Catelyn Stark and Rickon Stark so we can have all the Stark family. And their Direwolves Lady, Nymeria, Summer, and Shaggydog. I know almost all are long gone, but you guys made a Shane Pop years after he died on the Walking Dead. PLEASE MAKE THE REST OF THE STARK FAMILY!


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