Hear from Funko CEO Brian Mariotti on why Dorbz are booming! www.Funko.com.



  1. I decided to collect Dorbx XL and Dorbz Ridez, because it would be realistically possible to collect every one that is released. The exclusive versions of the 001 Batmobile are pricey to acquire, but the regular issues have all been easy to get so far.

  2. Dorbz look great but here in australia its 14 dollars for a dorbz and 19 for a pop they need to be a lot cheaper than a pop also zing stores here are fazing them out because they not selling

  3. Dorbz are lame. They are weirder looking than Pop! figures and do not have more detail. Pop! figures have textures as well as details and varied color. Funko should stop wasting material on making dorbz. imho


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