This is all of my Deadpool pops! These one are some of my favourite pops in the collection! Hope you enjoy! Cop some Hot new merchandise: …



  1. Hey Vsauce Micheal here, and today I have my special guest Tristan (Top Pops) and today hey…woah woah Tristan what are you doing (silence from Micheal) Tristan: Shh..Shh my video now….Hey, top pops here and today…Michael muffled:mmmMmmMMM HELP! Tristan: shhhhh…Micheal..remember MY video! Muffled: MMMM LET MMMM ME MMMMMM OUT HELP! Tristan:

  2. I love Deadpool and you have done good one! I can’t wait to add the new ones to the collection! P.S. you should do a video of Wasatch Pops is challenging people to do! It’s called the Rainbow Challenge so you have to find a pop for every color of the rainbow plus 3 other colors so red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo/pink, purple, white, black, and brown.


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