I want to start doing some reviews on the channel again so let me know if you like them! Hope you enjoy! Cop some Hot new merchandise: …



  1. Hi Top Pops. Im brayden. Sounds cheesy but im collecting alot more pops because of you and my girlfriend. 2 days ago i had 1 pop (chucky) now i have 20 (Dead, Sam, Cartman, Pennywise in gutter, Pennywise, Deadpool, Bugs Bunny, Freddy 8bit, Jason 8bit, Pennywise 1980, Chucky, Tiffany, Danny Torrance, Wendy Torrance, Jack Torrance, Peter Parker, Star Lord, Starlord with guns, Gamora, Tony Stark

  2. Great review, I really loved the garbage pail kids Pops, especially Adam Bomb. I have to order another two of him because I was lucky and got a chase when I ordered one of him but the box was slightly damaged. Not to bad but I would rather a not damaged box for the chase so I’m going to do a box swap and then the second one will be so I have the common for the set also.


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